The Private Pilot's License is your License to Explore.


With a Private Pilot's License you can rent or buy an airplane and fly it anywhere in the world. You can turn that grueling 6 hour drive into a quick couple hours of relaxation. It's a status symbol for sure, and a long time dream for many folks like yourself. 

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How long does it take? 

It can take as little as a month, or as long as a year depending on how often you train. Ideally, you want to fly twice a week. The minimum number of training flight hours that have to be recorded in your pilot logbook is 40. Now that is a minimum, and most people finish with about 65 hours. 


How Much does it cost?

There are a few different cost involved in earning a Private Pilot's License. 

1. Aircraft Rental. The airplanes range in price from $123 to $159 per hour.

2. Certified Flight Instructor. The CFI's are $50 per hour of ground or flight training.

3. Books and materials. You can get all your books and supplies for about $250.

4. FAA Medical Exam. These exams are performed by local FAA Doctors and cost $100.

5. The Written Test. The written test are issued at Greenville Tech's Testing Center. $150. 

So depending on how many hours it takes you to get proficient enough to pass the final test the total cost is a range from about $8,000 to $10,000. 


Note: After completing the Private Pilot's License you will be able to fly yourself and passengers in good weather (outside of clouds). If you wish to fly in all weather you will need to obtain and add an Instrument Rating to your Private Pilot's License.

If you are considering Greenville Aviation for your flight training needs or most anything else relating to General Aviation, They are a top notch choice. There is a lot of flight experience in and around that building and they are there to share it with you. It’s very laid back and no pressure atmosphere is wonderful, as you are welcomed as a friend when you walk in the door, and leave a member of the Greenville Aviation family. Personally, they were instrumental in training for my license, and in advice on purchasing my own plane. I have been able to achieve a goal and fulfill a dream thanks to Greenville Aviation. Thanks Guys!!
— Dan D.