Ron Silva

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Ron Silva is devoted to helping you make your pilot license become a reality!  With over 2000 flight hours, over land, lakes, rain forest and oceans, from single engine 150’s to twin turbo props, ferrying planes to South America via the unpredictable Caribbean, he is truly an aviator!  Ferrying an aircraft takes knowledge, skill, and training, jumping into the next level and core of aviation.  Originally from Brazil, Ron has your international piloting requirements at his fingertips. He is rated with the FAA and the Brazilian Aviation Civil Authority (ANAC).  Ron has a deep understanding of how an international student can become a pilot and will assist you in working with government regulations. Ron Silva has an attitude of kindness and patience, you will have the assurance of developing self-confidence, courage and resilience as you progress toward your Pilot’s license. Without further ado, Fly with him and became enchanted with the art of flying.