The Instrument Rating is an add on to your Pilot's License that allows you to fly an airplane inside of clouds using only the instruments in the cockpit. 

How Long Does this take?

The Instrument Rating usually takes about six months to complete. There are some Prerequisites.

You have to have a Pilots License. You have to have 50 hours of cross country flight under your belt. You have to have logged at least 40 hours of real or simulated flight in the clouds, and at least 15 of those have to be done with a Certified Flight Instructor. All this has to be finished before you can take your final Flight Test with the FAA Examiner for the Instrument Rating. Normally students just end up doing 40 hours of Instrument training with a CFI because of the challenging nature of the Instrument Rating. 

How Much Does This Cost?

The Instrument Rating usually cost around $8,000 to obtain. Cost will vary depending on experience. 

I just recently finished my private license with Greenville Aviation. When I was looking to get ready to start my training, I spoke with all of the schools around the area and found that Greenville Aviation was the most friendly and had the best rates on rentals and instructors. My instructor was great. She flexible and willing to work with me around my work schedule to help me make it to, and pass my check-ride. Now I’m working on the next step and working on my instrument rating.
— Adam E.